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Ductbusters Ltd

The website has gone from zero contacts pre October 2013 to an average of 5 quality contacts per week post November 2013 when Formation launched the new site. Website rankings on 5 keywords/phrases have also seen massive improvements with page one, position one being achieved on Google.


Ductbusters previous on-line digital media offering was of a poor build quality with many functions not operational, needless to say it bought little or no new clients to the business.

Late 2013, Formation created a bespoke website for Ductbusters which was modern, vibrant and informative. The website was received well and achieved massive success for the company, the business developed due to new enquiries it received.

The Future

Like many organisations and businesses, Ductbusters had had some bad experiences with previous website developers and marketeers, promising the earth and delivering nothing. Therefore, it has taken Formation some time to earn Ductbusters trust.  This has been achieved by positive digital marketing and website development over the past two years which have gained the company credible leads, subsequently converting into high quality sales statistics. More so, a new website is in the pipeline and Formation’s services are being retained for a further 12 months.

Website progression

Formation are currently in the process of creating a second generation website offering. The new website is being designed with full responsiveness and easy clicks through to products and services being the key to its functionality.

A quirky ventilation risk assessment questionnaire has also been developed and live chat function will be added.

Ductbusters Ltd

Content Marketing

Ductbusters recognise the importance of content marketing and have recently commissioned Formation’s highly successful content marketing product – Circle of Engagement (CoE).

CoE will run as a campaign for 12 months, encompassing weekly news articles, regular social media and LinkedIn interaction and HTML broadcasts.

Ductbusters Ltd

Client Testimonial


Its now been about 18 months since we embarked on website re-launch which was necessary as the old website was not generating much interest due to poor SEO which resulted in organic rankings so far off the first page it would have been difficult to see them with the help of the Hubble Telescope. We now have good organic rankings and enquiries from the contact page of the website are three times what they were. This, I am convinced, is due to your skill of both on-site and off-site SEO. Another contributor to our enhanced digital presence is the Google AdWords campaign which gave us an immediate first page presence which we had not enjoyed for some time.

We embarked on the “Circle Of Engagement” with our Fire Damper Testing articles which produced interest from the right caliber of potential customers and this exercise will continue throughout our entire portfolio of services. Your quotation for further enhancement of our digital presence has been received favourably and instructions will be issued shortly regarding which elements to implement first. We would have no hesitation in recommending your services to other companies, who perhaps like us, struggle to comprehend the complexities of digital marketing.

Mr W – Sales Director
Ductbusters Limited


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