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Creative graphic design

You may ask yourself, what actually is Graphic Design?

In a nutshell, it’s visually communicating a message in a creative and systematic way to achieve a certain objective. Or put simply, creating an impact to sell something or creating a memorable experience to the target audience.

Increasingly we have found that graphic design has become more prevalent and synonymous with digital media, with a swing towards on-line advertising and digital marketing. To this end we have two sets of directly employed designers, one team create website design and the other design for print. The reason being that designing something that is applied to paper requires different skills to those being applied digitally. However, in saying this, the work does overlap and all our designers have sound knowledge of web and graphic design and work closely (in the same studio) as our web developers. Ensuring continuity of your brand whether it be electronic or on paper.

Other services the studio offer include:
Logo design & branding
» Advert creation & campaigns
» Folder design
» Pull up banners
» Design for print and print procurement
» Sign and vehicle graphics

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