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Formation websites use only the latest coding standards and techniques, ensuring that the websites we create will be attractive, accessible and relevant for many years to come. We do not outsource our work; all design and development is completed in-house.

Web design

Formation websites are also carefully planned out in order to be functional, logical, coherent and, just as importantly, easy on the eye, showcasing our great design techniques. Consequently, our websites have the most up to date coding, ensuring they will stand the test of time, and are also fully tested for accessibility and optimal viewing on tablets and smart phones. News and social media can also be added to any Formation website and are a great boost for brand awareness and Search Engine Optimisation.

View our portfolio, which includes corporate, e and m-commerce, public sector and government websites and portals. View our portfolio >

Check out our Home office approved website for the Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner >


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Web applications

Formation cater to all forms of web apps that help you manage your website. Whether its enabling you to manage the content on your website, or  to sell products as part of an e-commerce solution.

All of our web apps come with training to let you to quickly and easily settle into the management of your new website.


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Formation also cater to bespoke large-scale projects that require a higher level of interaction, between clients and their retrospective customers. Built with usability in mind, all software has intuitive functionality that make your platform easy to use and easy to manage. So whether you need a way to organise your employees activities and jobs, wish to manage your franchises or want to digitally track the visitors coming to your event, Formation deliver.


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