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Formation have developed a range of bespoke software programmes and applications designed to automate your company processes. The aim of our software is to make you paperless through one login with a programme that is straight-forward and easy to use.Our software has been implemented by leading UK engineering companies, police commissioners and global franchises.Contact Formation for your free consultation.

  • Engineering Technology Group Machine Configurator

    Engineering Technology Group Machine Configurator

    The Engtech Machine Configurator is a complex software model that allows Engtech to accurately provide specs and quotations for different machine model types. The configurator is used by their sales teams on the field providing their clients with a detailed PDF there and then on the spot. This takes away weeks of quote preparation to provide ultimate service from the market leaders.
  • Glowt


    Glowt is Formation’s solution to all business processes from jobs boards, to human resources. Built on a modular design you can tailor GLOWT to suit your business needs. GLOWT is currently being used in a number of sectors including; engineering, design, and manufacturing.
  • ICV Custody App

    ICV Custody App

    The ICV Custody App is a software designed specifically for the Police Commissioner ICV Scheme. Working Closely with Warwickshire and West Mercia Offices of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Formation have created an app that provides a user friendly, paperless system that not only increases productivity but also effectiveness within the scheme. It is also incredibly intuitive for the administration teams, providing detailed, customisable reports based on live data in a matter of minutes.
  • Fortress Recycling Agreements

    Fortress Recycling Agreements

    Fortress Recycling approached Formation to take their service agreement process from a manual, paper based process to an online one. This system allows Fortress to fill out site visit risk assessments and detail the service agreement online before sending communications to the client for a digital signature.
  • AbleSim Project Management Simulation

    AbleSim Project Management Simulation

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